Suggested Duration: 10 Days, 9 Nights
For perfect weather, visit in December. You’ll catch the festivities of the Christmas holiday, 
and you’ll be in the heart of summer’s fun. For less expensive times to visit try April to October.

My Thoughts on Sydney

Flying to Australia, is like visiting the end of the world. It’s FAR relative to most countries or destinations. So I reckon you give yourself 8 solid days to see Sydney, excluding your travel days. For newbies who might experience a fierce or wicked jet-lag, allowing 1 day to regroup might be your best friend, which now leaves you with 7 good days to sightsee and enjoy the sounds and pleasures of Sydney. It was Christmas, as well as summer when I visited down under (Sydney, Australia). I couldn’t recommend enough the importance of visiting at this time. You can avoid the frigid temperatures of Australia, and take in more sights and sites. Sydney was amazing for me. I spent days wandering around, and nights mesmerized by the lights of the harbor. Visiting was just what the doctor ordered. The people were friendly and accommodating; Circular Quay Wharf was abuzz and there were several restaurants to lounge in, grab a bite, or people watch from. The Sydney Harbor Bridge was lovely to behold and the Sydney Opera House was a breath of fresh air. This city is a MUST SEE.


1. Always remember to have a photocopy of your passport with you, where ever you go. It pays to be prepared, especially when changing your country’s currency. 

2. To explore the Blue Mountains and Featherdale Wildlife Park, utilize a tour company which comes with a private tour guide.Websites like are a great place to start. It’s imperative to get the tale behind the three sisters, a legendary story that would boggle your mind.

3. Be prepared, Sydney is expensive. Be open minded to paying, or just indulge in meals at the food court of Sydneys malls.  

4. Sydney is very far from the rest of the world, so if at all possible, try to fork out the funds and fly Business Class. You'd be thankful you did. Also, be very intentional about your mind, body, soul and overall wellness. A healthy level of fun and sleep are needed to balance out your senses. Sleep on the plane if need be, but reset your body’s clock to match Sydney’s time zone to avoid a wicked jet lag.

5. Utilize Sydney’s Big Bus Hop On Hop Off to see the rest of Sydney, including Bondi beach. This is my GO TO in any country. On the bus, extensive insights about each site is shared at no additional cost to you. You can enjoy this city affordably and at your own pace.


Sydney is a city I could visit over and over again without being bored. A definite MUST SEE for all who want to venture down under. 

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