Suggested Duration: 6 Days, 5 Nights
December to May

My Thoughts on San Jose Del Cabo

Mexico has always held a special place in my heart. Albeit it’s a no-go zone for majority of people, it’s one of my happy places. It’s where I go for my “ME-TREAT” (otherwise known as a solo retreat). The City of San Jose Del Cabo located in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, is a best kept secret and a true rare gem. For my travel enthusiasts, I’ve chosen to reveal why it’s one of my top picks, and why you must visit if at all possible. Unleash your curiosity, shed the fear, pack your bags, and fly to San Jose Del Cabo (SJD). This city is a major tourist destination and I prefer it to the hustle and bustle of Cabo San Lucas (CSL). It has an 18th century Spanish colonial architectural flavor, which I love. It is laid back and low key in comparison to the fun-loving CSL. I personally feel CSL is for teens and SJD is for chilled and contemplative adults. For Relaxation, Peace, and Serenity, head to San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. 

Airports to Fly Into

  • Los Cabos International Airport (SJD)

Where to Stay

Cabo Azul Resort and Spa in Los Cabos
Paseo Malecon S/N, Lote 11 Fonatur, 23400 San José del Cabo, Mexico, +52 800 438 2929

My number one TOP PICK AND ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, FOREVER, will have to be Cabo Azul Resort and Spa in Los Cabo. It is situated on 12 acres of oceanfront white sand with 600 ft of ocean surf. Cabo Azul Resort has been my "Me-Treat" retreat for a few years now, and I’m lucky enough to own a tiny piece of its real estate. It comprises of 332 luxurious villas; from one bedroom all the way up to pent houses. Villas range from 688 sq.-foot to over 2638 sq.-foot. The one thing that's sure to take your breath away at Cabo Azul Resort and Spa is its tri-level infinity edge pool overlooking the Sea of Cortez. It's forever mesmerizing and one finds themselves waking up at the crack of dawn just to watch the sun rise, or staying out late as the sun sets, just to capture the glistening effects on the Sea of Cortez. The pool area is a wonderful oasis in and of itself; it’s a great hang out spot with picture perfect moments waiting to happen; and a perfect place for peace and tranquility. Flor De Noche (the poolside swim-up palapa bar) is poised and ready to make your perfect drink of choice. Try the Pina Coladas, amazing. This spectacular resort is indeed luxury - personified, and was designed by one of the world's leading architects of our time: Dodd Mitchell. I've been fortunate enough to meet Dodd, and glad to have gained more insight into his eccentric and genius mind. This resort brings back my happy, and helps me reflect inwards. It also exudes a strong sense of peace and allows me to reconnect with myself. San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur (SJD-Los Cabos Intl. Airport) is only 20 mins away.


The Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas & Spa
Carretera Transpeninsular KM 22.5, Los Cabos 23400 Mexico  +52 624 142 9000  

For more hotels in Los Cabos, visit the world wide web.

Where and What to Eat

Javiers Restaurant

Located with Cabo Azul Resort and Spa. This is one of the most refined dining experiences you’ll have in Mexico. This restaurant which has a branch in Orange County area offers authentic Mexican cuisines with phenomenal ambience. 

Habaneros Gastro and Grill

A long time best kept secret located on Blvd Mijares. It's one of the ONLY restaurants I'd dine in, in Los Cabos, with the exception of Javiers Restaurant at the Cabo Azul Resort, and a couple of others. You'll dine under an arched Spanish esplanade. The Fish and Shrimp tacos are incomparable, and the best I’ve ever tasted, hands down. Habaneros also offer supreme breakfast. Ask for the Eggs Benedict, you won’t regret it. You’ll also loved their seafood pasta dish. Another staple to try is the “Paprika Sesame Crusted Fish” with a cranberry glazing, topped on a bed of delicious and creamy mashed potatoes. For libations - try their Pina Colada. So good! Habaneros is only a 7 minute walk from Cabo Azul Resort. 

Molly’s Restaurant and Bar

Down town San Jose, you’ll find Molly’s. I was told it was THE restaurant to visit. It was good, but didn't hold a candle to Habaneros.

Casa Don Rodrigo Restaurant

Located down town San Jose Del Cabo, this unique restaurant with its eclectic, yet insanely pleasing set-up will blow your palette away. Whether indulging in a chicken or fish dish, you are guaranteed to be very happy with your meal.

Petit Masala

When in Mexico, go Indian. This Indian restaurant is a must for those who suddenly get a craving for anything other than Mexican cuisine. Petit Masala’s Naan, Lamb Korma, and Chicken Masala will never disappoint. 

What to See and Do

Flor De Noche

Cabo Azul's Palapar Bar deserves its own stage and an honorable mention amongst the list of things to do in San Jose Del Cabo. This swim up palapa bar is the coolest, ever! It’s an amazing hang-out spot for those who wish to visit this hotel if they are not at liberty to stay within its walls. Once access is granted by the 24 hour security detail, everyone can have an amazing time here. Perfect and tasty libations also await those who drink.

La Paz Spa

One of the largest spas in Mexico, can be located at Cabo Azul Resort and Spa. Make it a one stop shop by staying at Cabo Azul if at all possible. Pamper yourself with eucalyptus and indulge in deep tissue massages; Immerse yourself in aromatherapeutic oils, and let the smells of jasmine, eucalyptus and mint overpower your senses. Luxuriate in the pods, day or night. No expense was spared at La Paz’s heavenly spa; and you are bound to be rejuvenated, inside and out.

Cacti Mundo

A small botanical park featuring thousands of Cactus/cacti species from all over the world.

San Jose Estuary

Explore exotic birds and species at your leisure. The estuary is only a 10 min walk away.

Mijares Square

27 min walk; in down town San Jose Del Cabo. This charming historical district offers a variety of activities, as well as galleries, great shopping, silver shopping, adventure tours, restaurants, stores, and more. There are monuments at the heart of the square commemorating dignitaries and influencers of San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico.

Silver Shopping

Haggle, haggle, haggle… I bought a unique, yet classic silver ring at one of the stores down town. Be careful though, prices are escalated for anyone who looks remotely foreign.

San Jose Mission

Founded in 1730 by Father Nicolas Tamaral. This modern structure was built in 1932 and sits on the main square in San Jose Del Cabo. 

San Jose del Cabo Art District

Only a 28 min walk. I visited several art galleries in the Art District, and pending on when you are here, you might encounter the art festival. You’ll come across many brilliant artists, alongside their designs, for very affordable prices.

Cabo Wabo Store

Another staple down town San Jose.

Plaza Mega Comercial Mexicana

16 min walk

Old Town Gallery

30 min walk

San Jose Del Cabo Public Beach (Costa Azul)

The Public Beach is just minutes away and can be accessed from the side entrance of the Grand Mayan resort nearby. It is lovely, clean, and well kept; and there are horses by the side stalls for those who would like to horseback ride on the beach. It overlooks the Sea of Cortez and makes for beautiful picturesque moments. The only thing missing? - Lounge chairs??!!

What to See and Do Nearby San Jose Del Cabo
(In Cabo San Lucas)

The Arch

Just 20 minutes away is the town of Cabo San Lucas. Catch a ferry at the marina to go see the Arch, considered to be Cabo San Lucas’s main iconic landmark. The Arch is to Cabo San Lucas, as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. It’s a MUST SEE when you visit Los Cabos.

Whale Watching

There are a plethora of things to do outside of San Jose Del Cabo. Another main activity being whale watching. You can watch the whales breach, or go sailing on the Sea of Cortez. You’ll find other activities to indulge in such as kayaking, jet skiing; etc.

Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach

Catch a ferry to some remote Islands not too far off, to hang out in some of Cabo San Lucas’s most prestigious and isolated beaches. Check out Lover's Beach, Divorce Beach, and some significant sitings such as the Pelican, Seal, Scobby Doo, turtle and skull rocks.


A major sport in Cabo is fishing. Major fishing tournaments take place in Cabo San Lucas with six or seven figure monetary prize awards at the tail end of each tournament. For lovers of the sport, Cabo is the place for you. 

Cabo San Lucas Marina

Go boating; shopping; or dining; by the Marina. 

My Favorite Quotes

Mexico is considered a danger zone for the less courageous; but for me, it’s where I go for a retreat, a ME-treat, and for quiet contemplation.

- Lynda 'Kechy

Mexico is a mosaic of different realities and beauties.

- Enrique Pena Nieto

I've seen zero evidence of any nation on Earth other than Mexico even remotely having the slightest clue what Mexican food is about or even come close to reproducing it. It is perhaps the most misunderstood country and cuisine on Earth.

- Anthony Bourdain

I have traveled to many places but have no desire to leave New Mexico.

- Rudolfo Anaya

As a city, it is always compelling. But every day in Mexico City, I give thanks that I am alive.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

My happy place is 40 feet out in the Gulf of Mexico, sitting on a sandbar in 80-degree water, watching clouds crawl by. Absolute heaven.

- Ransom Riggs

I've always thought Mexico City was incredibly dynamic.

- Greg Kinnear

Mexico is where I fell in love for the first time; it's where my family lives... so however much I travel, I inevitably return there.

- Diego Luna

Mexico is known throughout the world thanks to mariachi.

- Juan Gabriel

There's never a dull moment in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

- Lynda 'Kechy


1. Always remember to have a photocopy of your passport with you, where ever you go. It pays to be prepared, especially when changing your countries currency to Pesos. 

2. When buying silver in San Jose Del Cabo, bargain, bargain, bargain, and then bargain some more. Leave your finesse at the door of any merchant you walk into, OR ELSE, you’ll be the laughing stock for ages behind their closed doors. Prices are overtly escalated for tourists. 

3. ONLY drink bottled water, as best as your wallet can afford; you’ll be happy you did.

4. Always have enough change in pesos for street vendors.

5. Don’t be gullible. When you arrive at the airport, you’ll be swarmed by Time Share Experts. Be ready; but be kind and sensitive to your time and theirs; and only indulge, IF AND ONLY IF, you are open minded to buying a time share. If not simply IGNORE.

6. For your own safety, prearrange “trusted” transportation before you arrive any city in Mexico.