Travel is my happy place!

- Lynda 'Kechy

How It All Began

My very first encounter with travel began in the Western shores of the African continent, in my country of birth - Nigeria. It is safe to say that travel is my drug. Bits and pieces of my heart are scattered all over the world. Some countries have a lion’s share, others, just a sliver. For the most part, travel is my life! As a young girl in West Africa, I had a wanderlust spirit and knew it was only a matter of time before I’d see all the Wonders of the World. My passion for travel was ignited and fueled when I became the face of a major brand in Nigeria - Miss Ajinomoto. Part of my duties required extensive travel to most cities (or States) in my country to create an awareness of this brand. This was long before DSL cameras and light years before social media. Cell phones hadn’t been birth and selfies were non-existent. Polaroid cameras existed, but were few and far between. In essence, I’ve been on wings and wheels for ages and pages. Lol.

Unfortunately, early voyages or accounts of my travels were not adequately documented; have either been lost, or weren’t journaled photographically. Be that as it may, they are alive and well in my memory bank, for a city never leaves you and a country never abandons you! You may forget fragments of your adventure, but you’d always remember its magical moments. It’s the reason I’ve chosen to birth this website - a cyber journal and tribute to my life's escapades. In the same breath, have it be a tool to help others facilitate their dreams of exporing the world. On Enthusiastic Travel aka TE (Travel Enthusiast), you’ll be privy to some of the countries I’ve been fortunate enough to see. You’ll have free access to some of my itineraries and you'll gain intel on where I stayed. In addition, I offer other recommendations on where to stay, what to do, where to eat, etc. We all agree that exploring a city for the first time can be somewhat daunting. On this site, you'll gain private access to trusted TE tour guides whom have personally guided me on my journey while exploring some of these cities. 

Furthermore, TE has a unique consulting aspect. This segment named JAM (Just Ask Me), allows you to consult 'privately' with me on any future travel plans. Get useful hints, helpful ideas, or travel know-hows at next to no cost. Visit TE's Consult Me tab for more deets (details). Finally, learn the methods to my travel madness within my blogs by subscribing to my website or any future channels. Be the first to know what country is next on my horizon. Discover how I pick and choose what countries to visit next on what I call my 'Life list', in-lieu of a bucket list! Learn how I go about designing my amazing itineraries. If you so desire, use JAM's services to spear-head your very first adventure and in very rare or special cases, YOU CAN OPT TO TRAVEL WITH ME. According to Saint Augustine, “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. I hope you are encouraged to battle the disease of ‘waiting’ and to find within you, the gusto to “just go!” The world is truly a remarkable place, and it waits FOR YOU.

Lynda 'Kechy (Travel Enthusiast).


France harbors one of my favorite cities on earth - Paris! Oh my beloved Paris! For me, you are a city that epitomizes love, romance, sex, fine art, haute couture and high fashion. You are known for your Michelin star restaurants, your nostalgia, your insanely charming and notoriously expensive moments. Indeed for me, you are simply "the city of all cities. Paris is a budget breaker, a ball buster, and a city that promises phenomenal moments. It's one of the cities one must visit between now and heaven. When I think of Paris, I see and think of music; of love; of happily ever after. Click here to view an itinerary on Paris, France.


Welcome to the end of the world! Australia! This country harbors another lovely city - Sydney! Flying to this part of the world, is like visiting yonder. It's far relative to most countries or destinations. So I reckon you inhabit the patience and time of gods and saints. Christmas in Sydney, minus fierce or wicked jet-lag was made for tales. A fable, so good, it must be told for generations to come. It unleashes magic, by name of summer, and sites galore. I could not stress enough, the importance of visiting at summer time. Australia comes alive, and its cities and its habitants meet you at your feet. Click here to view an itinerary on Sydney, Australia.


Welcome to Netherlands! A country that is impossible to grow tired of. This country houses another favorite city of mine - Amsterdam! The city of gazillion bicycles and the capital of the Netherlands. Cycling is key to the city's character and there are numerous bike paths. It is famous for its legal recreational drugs; its narrow houses with gabled facades, its artistic heritage, its elaborate canal system and its legacies of the city's 17th-century Golden Age. It holds a special place in my heart for its history and my loved ones who reside here. Experience an arresting of your soul at Anne Frank Huis. Hear the voices of children crying out, louder and louder in your head. This Country and its cities should not be missed. Click here for an itinerary on Amsterdam.


Belgium houses two very important cities to me: Brugge and Brussels. There was something about Brugge, the little Venice of the North that captured my heart and soul. This quaint and aesthetically beautiful medieval city with roads paved with cobblestones, reminded me of a fairy tale land from far far away... Brussels with its captivating Atomium and Mini Europe - an epicenter which features all of Europes monumental landmarks, was no exception. This country delivers a unique fusion of food and fashion. If forced to pick a favorite city, I might easily pick Brugge; or at the very least, have it at the very top of my list. Undeniably, there is one common consensus: Everything is delicious and better in Brugge! Even water tastes sweet. Click to view itineraries on Brugge and Brussels.


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Favorite Travel Quotes

Marcel Proust

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes


We travel, not to escape life, but for life not to escape us

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

“Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage”

- Paulo Coelho

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