Just Ask Me!

Are you an experience-seeking traveler with a taste for stylish travels? We already have so much in common!
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What Is 'Just Ask Me'

'Just Ask Me' (J.A.M.) is a premium travel planning service offered through Travel Enthusiast primarily at minimal or NO COST. Whether you're looking for the best restaurants, best hotels, best vantage points for photos, unique experiential itinerary ideas, or hidden gems of a destination's local culture, we've done the research so you don't have to. 

Over the years, J.A.M. has offered countless travel advice to members, from professional clients, acquaintances, solo adventurers, honeymooners, down to leisure travelers. J.A.M. has also been instrumental in designing perfect travel itineraries for many travel enthusiasts who do not want to be hands on or bothered with the planning process. It can get stressful and it can get jarring. Think of the destination and we'll orchestrate the planning. Why not focus on packing and set your sights on all the experiences that await you. For a small consultation fee, all the headaches of researching and planning disappears. Let one of our J.A.M. specialists handle the details.   

This is ideally what sets J.A.M. apart from a typical travel agency. We do the leg work, we absorb the hassle of research and we take the guessing game out of your travel plans. All you need to do is click, pay and book that trip once we're set. You maintain full control of your travel plans with none of the stress or waiting game of travel agencies. We personally hand you a road map to each and every destination on your travel list.

We customize length of stays in accordance to your needs or desires. We carve out the best routes to get you to and from each destination, staying within your specified limited or unlimited budget. For country hoppers, we ensure each trip is mapped out precisely to leave you enough room on land to enjoy all the sights and less time wasted in the skies and/or on journeying there. J.A.M.'s services go above and beyond just answering your travel questions. It's a pleasure for us when another country or city is checked off your bucket list. If you are ready, please go ahead and fill out the form below. J.A.M is at your service.

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