Why is it better to book through J.A.M. than to just do it myself?

Because we have been around the world (72 countries and counting) and primarily seen it all. We've taken it upon ourselves to learn about each country's customs and traditions. We are well versed on what's acceptable and what's not. We are mindful of their public holidays and religious observation days to ensure not one day is wasted on your vacation. We know how to orchestrate an itinerary so it isn't constricting like most travel agencies design. You have room to breathe and you have full control. We also handle the entire process of researching and planning so you don't have to deal with that level of frustration or anxiety. We know planning takes precision, especially when it comes to traveling to a foreign country. You want to cover all your basis and leave no room for errors. Ditch any potential regrets and make memories instead. Lastly, we have humbly traveled on all kinds of budgets, from high-end luxury vacations to a low-end shoe string budget. It is one of the reasons most travel enthusiasts seek our help.

Are you expensive?

We believe we are affordable and we range from FREE to a minimal or maximum reasonable amount. It all depends on how sophisticated or complicated an itinerary is. It could also depend on what the trip calls for and if you want any extra services arranged upon getting to your destination. One thing we all agree on is mistakes are very costly and no one wants to make a costly mistake on a dream trip they waited all year or years to have. So, let's make it extra special for you, from start to finish.  

Why don’t you offer J.A.M. services to more destinations?

We are currently taking and addressing any questions you have for all destinations on earth including the Middle East, excluding only a small handful of countries. However, J.A.M.'s premium planning service is focused on serving and assisting you with planning and designing itineraries for only countries that are within the current J.A.M. demand index access base. All high demand destinations are included in this demand index access base alongside many other desirable destinations. We anticipate in the near future that J.A.M. will tackle every country accessible to travel enthusiasts around the globe.