Suggested Duration: 5 Days, 4 Nights
June to September

My Thoughts on Brugge

I visited Brugge, a city in Belgium, in 2011, after my visit to Brussels. There was something about this little Venice of the North that captured my heart and soul. It was a quaint and aesthetically beautiful medieval city. Its roads were paved with cobblestones and it reminded me of a fairy tale land from far far away... At first, I wasn't sure what to expect, but every turn brought about a pleasant surprise. I even encountered the actual blood of Jesus at Basilica of The Holy Blood. There were lots of ancient buildings, tons of fashion boutiques, loads and loads of chocolate (try Roose's Chocolate City), Moules Frites (Brugge’s famous mussels and fries) and countless numbers of waffle cafes. Brugge is life to me. If forced to pick a favorite city, I might easily pick Brugge; or at the very least, have it at the very top of my list. This is a city I’d cherish forever. Undeniably, there is one common consensus: Everything is delicious and better in Brugge; even water tastes sweet. I beckon all Travel Enthusiasts to have this city high on their bucket list.

Airports to Fly Into

  • Ostende Brugge International Airport (OST) or Brussels Airport (BRU)

    If you can't fly directly into Brugge OST, then fly into Brussels BRU airport and drive 1 hour 13 minutes to make it to Brugge.

Where to Stay

Hotel Dukes' Palace Bruges
Prinsenhof 8, Bruges 8000, Belgium, +32 50 44 78 88

This hotel is one of the nicer accommodations in Brugge, and I have chosen it for its proximity to the city center, alongside the cities historic sites. Most importantly, it offers a great price point, which means GREAT value for your money, and is quite impressive to look at. You’ll particularly enjoy it after a long day of sightseeing.


Brugge Parkhotel
Vrijdagmarkt 5-6, Bruges, Belgium, +32 50 33 33 64
This hotel is next to the tourist info center, and walking distance from Market Square.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Bruges
Frank Van Ackerpromenade 17, Bruges, Belgium, +32 50 24 91 91
This hotel is located in the middle of Bruges, and is only a 7-minute walk from Minnewater.

Joseph Wautersstraat 61, 8200 Brugge, Belgium, +32 50 38 09 88

Where and What to Eat

Koek & Zopie

An awesome cafe with 99% organic coffee beans. This cafe also bears a very catchy slogan: “May Coffee Be With You!” They have branches in Brussels and Antwerp.


There were so many places offering delicious Belgian waffles. It’s Belgium’s staple and must be tried.

Belgian Chocolate

Leaving Brussels without trying its chocolate will be an epic fail. Try the chocolates for a monumental palette experience.

Moule Frites

Belgium’s most important staple (Mussels and Fries). Absolutely delicious.

The Olive Tree Brugge

For a tasty, affordable meal, visit the Olive Tree Brugge restaurant. This restaurant is 1 min walk from Belfry of Bruges. It is intimate and stylish; and happens to be a family-run eatery that also offers traditional Greek & Mediterranean cuisine.

Gruuthuse Hof

1 min walk from Church of Our Lady Bruges is Gruuthuse Hof. Awesome joint, great Mussels and good value for your buck.

What to See and Do

St John's Hospital

This hospital can be seen from the canal. Until 1634, the hospital was run by Monks and Nuns. The Nuns continued to carry out their duties until 1977; before the hospital got transferred to a modern building on the outskirts of town.

Belfry Tower

The city's charters were kept in this 83 meter high tower and suspended from the bell that was used to warn citizens of any danger. The Halles are built in Gothic style and the interior gallery in Renaissance style.

Minnewater Lake

In the close neighborhood of the Benuinage, lies the Minnewater Lake. Another name for it is ‘Lovers Lake’ or 'Lake of Love'. It is serene and inviting. One is almost willing to let go and let love rule; just looking at how still and peaceful it was made me want to be a swan. In Brugge, love, chocolate, Moules Frites and Waffles, are truly the most important things in life.

The Beiguinage (Begijnhof)

This is virtually a miniature town within a town, where time seems to have stood still. :-). It was raised by Phillip the Fair to the stature of a Princely Beguinage; and thus ceased to come under the jurisdiction of the town. Notice one of the many godshuizen or alm houses which are a characteristic feature of the town. This is where they institutionalized the aged and the needy.

St. Savior's Cathedral

St Savior's Cathedral evolved slowly in the 9th century; having suffered as many as four fires and also having survived the upheaval of the French Revolution. The sanctuary was raised to the stature of a cathedral in 1834. Inside: You are immediately drawn to the stained glasses above; the gigantic organ loft/organ, which blasts music to every corner of the church; tapestry of the Passover, and the magnificent pulpit constructed by H Pulincx Jr. in 1785.

Burg Square

This is a much smaller square; where in 864, the first county stronghold was erected as a defense against the Normans. Town Hall (Stadius) building is to the left of the square.

Basilica of the Holy Blood

Apparently, this is the Basilica where the actual BLOOD of Jesus Christ shed at cruxifixction is held in a relic. The Relic of the Holy Blood is usually preserved in an upper chamber; but when we visited, it was out, LIVE, for visitors to see and touch by taking turns. So, I got to touch the blood of my savior. I was mind blown!!! You say a prayer as you touch the Relic that houses the blood of JESUS CHRIST. I really shouldn't have been taking pictures, as I was so moved and physically shaken, but I had to capture some moments on camera.

Tanners' Square

Gruuthuse Museum

Church of Our Lady

Craenenburg House in Grand Place

Is so grandiose and is a historic building located in the marketplace of Bruges.

Market Square

Experience old guild houses with their characteristic stepped finishes.

Monument to Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck.

My Favorite Quotes

Everything is better in Brugge. Love is rampant; chocolate overflows; waffles are everywhere; even water tastes sweet, in this little Venice of the North.

- Lynda ‘Kechy

Brugge is like a stage play filled with scores of colorful characters to play with, rehearse with and build on. It’s like a story book with many wonderful, pleasant stories pouring out of its pages. Brugge is like sweet nectar, a lovely song, sung by a nightingale. Brugge is all that and much more to me. Everything is wonderful in Brugge.

- Lynda ‘Kechy

Bruges is a beautiful medieval city almost untouched by time. If you like jazz, you will be well catered for. If you like chocolate and beer, you will be in heaven.

- James Frain

But we only have one heart for all our loves, consequently his love was somewhat like the affection one feels for a woman, the devotion one entertains for a work of art, for a religion. He loved Bruges for its beauty and, like a lover, he would have loved it the more, the more beautiful it was.

- Georges Rodenbach, The Bells of Bruges

I've always liked Belgian waffles, but I must say, I didn't think I would one day be having Belgian waffles in Belgium! I just sort of POOF found myself there and there I was with a gigantic Belgian waffle in my hands, standing on a sidewalk in Belgium!

- C. JoyBell C.

When you walk into a chocolate store, suddenly the most difficult decision you will ever have to make in your life, is which chocolates to pick! It is pure torture! Especially when you are in Belgium surrounded by Belgian chocolates!

- C. JoyBell C.


1. Always remember to have a photocopy of your passport with you, where ever you go. It pays to be prepared, especially when changing your country’s currency.

2. If your flight will be arriving late, call your hotel ahead of time, as most hotels in Brugge don’t have 24hr door men or check in. Our reservation was canceled because we arrived later than their usual check-in deadline. Not only were we stranded, we had to scramble to find another hotel at 11pm at night. If at all possible, avoid Hotel Montovani.

3. Be prepared, Brugge will charm your socks off. This little Venice of the North is so romantic, you’ll find yourself in a trance; which may result in exceeding budgets, and/or exceeding limits. Set a budget, and stick to it.

4. No need for a car in Brugge, every where is within walking distance for a generally healthy human.

5. Stay alert at Lover’s Lake and wear shoes you care little for. The lovely swans, albeit aesthetically pleasing, have deposited their business, everywhere. 


Brugge has got to be the most beautiful place in all of Belgium! Everything is wonderful in Brugge; and if you stay long enough, your world and its clock, stops. Only Brugge can do that to you.