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Suggested Duration: 3 Days, 2 Nights
June, August to September

My Thoughts on Gdansk

Poland is truly an underrated country that rarely makes it on most traveler's top ten destinations of places to see before time is up. One would be hard pressed to believe that one of its amazing gems flies well under most people's radar, and one such gem which rarely gets the attention it deserves is Gdańsk. Gdańsk is Poland's wild card. This beautiful port city on the Baltic coast of Poland is less than 30 minutes away from Sopot and is an absolute must see. It offered many reminders of Copenhagen for me, and it was pure delight to re-live that Copenhagen feeling. At the center of Gdańsk's Main Town (Old Town), which was reconstructed after WWII, are the colorful facades of Long Markets, houses, shops and restaurants. Offering yet another great reminder of Copenhagen's Nyhavn or New Harbor. There are pirate boats, yachts, sail boats, and cruisers along the Motława River, as well as Gdańsk's lovely and iconic sign, which has quickly become a tourist haven and/or hang-out spot for locals and travelers alike. Gdańsk's Amber Sky, right near the Gdańsk sign, is an equivalent of the London Eye in London, England. It gives you a bird's eye view of the entire landscape of this magnificent city which leaves you in awe and stays on you like a permanent tattoo. Gdańsk's indelible mark is undeniable to say the least. Another notable attraction in Gdańsk is its bridge which opens up to let cruise ships through. It's dramatic display and loud sirene is a sighting to behold - in and of itself. Watching it was pure fun for me. The famous Neptune Fountain, a 17th-century symbol of Gdańsk, is the main center of attraction, alongside St. Mary's Basilica. Many tourists flock to these two locations to capture memorable shots. The fountain is topped by a bronze statue of the sea god - Neptune. To take in all the spectacular aerial views of Gdańsk, remember to embark on the Amber Sky. You'd love the feeling of being up in the skies. This world center for amber trade should not be missed whilst visiting Poland. This is Gdańsk! - a TE highly recommended destination. Remember to click on all pictures on this page to reveal additional photos or useful links. 

Airports to Fly Into

  • Gdańsk Lech Walesa Airport (GDN)
  • (Distance from GDN Airport to Sheraton Sopot Hotel: 19 minutes. Distance from GDN Airport to Old Town in the City Center by car: 30 mins. Click on photo to get airport website and travel information)

Where to Stay


Sheraton Sopot hotel
Powstancow Warszawy 10 Sopot, Poland 81-718 +48 58 767 10 00

My number one pick and TE Spotlight always reflects where I stayed in each city and/or country. However, I stayed at the Sheraton Sopot Hotel, a five-star hotel located right on the famous wooden pier overlooking the Baltic Sea, only 20 minutes from Gdańsk. This hotel is smack in the center of all the action and only a ferry ride away or an uber ride away from Gdańsk, as well as Gdynia which form the Tri-City. Sheraton Sopot hotel is also right by the beach and only steps from the famous Monte Cassino street. It is conveniently located a mere 10-minute walk from the main train station; while Old Town, as well as Gdańsk Airport are just 30 minutes away. There are several restaurants on site such as Restauracja Polskie Smaki. Polskie Smaki is the only place in Sopot with the local Polish cuisine that prepares seasonal dishes using locally-sourced ingredients from all over the region of Kaszuby. For dine-in or in-room service, there are a few more restaurants that could cater to your pallette. All amenities needed to make ones' stay extremely comfortable are also present at the Sheraton Sopot Hotel. This hotel gets a worthy thumbs up from TE. However, TE highly recommends staying at the Hilton Gdańsk, an eco-friendly 5-Star hotel which is mere steps from the magic and action of Gdańsk.



Hilton Gdansk (0.1 miles from city center)
Targ Rybny 1, 80-838 Gdańsk, Poland +48 58 778 71 0

Radisson Blu Hotel, Gdansk (0.1 miles from city center)
Dugi Targ 19, 80-828 Gdask, Poland +48 58 325 44 44

PURO Hotel Gdansk Stare Miasto (0.1 miles from city center)
Stagiewna 26, 80-750 Gdask, Poland +48 58 563 50 00

(Side Bar Information: Airline utilized - Delta Air (Operated by KLM). Currency: Polish Zloty. Currency Exchange: $1 = 3.96 PLN. Distance from Gdańsk Airport to Sheraton Sopot Hotel: 19 minutes respectively. Taxi fair from Gdansk Airport to Sopot City Center: $12 to $15 (50 PLN - 60 PLN) respectively. For more hotels in Sopot, please visit the world wide web).

Where and What to Eat


ELIKSIR Restaurant Gdansk

ELIKSIR Restaurant Gdańsk located on Mariana Hemara 1, 80-280 Gdask, Poland is one of Gdansk's favorite fine dining restaurant. Travelers and visitors alike, rave about this restaurant for its absolutely tasty meals, making it arguably the best restaurant in Gdansk by a landslide. Service is excellent, drinks and meals are above par and the ambience is quite lovely. Every diner is welcome, including those who seek vegetarian options. Price: $$$ (Photo credit for Eliksir Restaurant to original copyright holders)


Seafood Station Restaurant & Oyster Bar

If you get the hang for seafood, head to Sopot. Sopot offered many amazing dining options. Another one of my favorites being the Seafood Station Restaurant and Oyster Bar located on Dworcowa 7, 81-704 Sopot, Poland. This casual venue restaurant specializes in a variety of seafood offerings including shrimp, crab, fish and oysters. Their dishes will leave you coming back for more. I also discovered that Sopot offers the largest "in size" oysters I've ever encountered, my entire life. It didn't matter what restaurant you went, their Oysters were quite ginormous. Be that as it were, Seafood Station offered some of the freshest seafood I'd encountered in a while. Their spicy calamaries were so good, I had to dine here three times of my 10 days in Sopot, with one take-away encounter. I highly recommend trying this restaurant when in Sopot. Price: $$$


Gvara restaurant

For a modern twist on Polish cuisine, dine at Gvara restaurant located on Chlebnicka 48/51, 80-830 Gdańsk, Poland, only a block from St. Mary's Basilica. This restaurant has a very relaxed vibe with a menu that features locally sourced ingredients. They also have a seasonal menu of classic regional dishes with a modern interpretation or twist. Every dish was prepared with freshness, cleanliness, and care. Waiters observed COVID-19 protocols, wore masks and were extremely prompt with their service. The dishes tasted fresh and were delicious. TE gives this restaurant a solid 4 out 5 stars. Price range: $$-$$$


Knajpka Portowa

When visiting the neighboring seaside resort city of Hel, stop for lunch at my favorite restaurant. Knajpka Portowa restaurant located on Kuracyjna 1, 84-150 Hel, Poland was the best location to try a Polish favorite and comfort food, Zurek. Zurek is a traditional Polish sour, rye flour soup made with white sausages, herbs, potatoes, and garnished with a boiled egg. SOOOOOO DELICIOUS. I could eat this soup for eons, just like the Borsch soup I tried in Moscow, Russia. Also try their fried Sprats, which are sardine-like in nature but extremely delicious to the taste buds. Knajpka Porowa Restaurant offers these and many more tasty Polish dishes. Price range: $$-$$$.


Wine Bar "Literacka"

When in Gdańsk, try the Wine Bar "Literacka" located on Mariacka 50/52, 80-833 Gdańsk, Poland. It is one of the best restaurants in Gdańsk. that features locally sourced, seasonal dishes and terrace dining to take in the spectacular views of the city. This restaurant and snug wine bar is highly rated amongst diners and never disappoints. Try their duck breast served with a plum cherry sauce, celery puree and gnocchi. Also try the goat cheese bruschetta, wild boar and their creme brulée for sweet tooth fans like me. There service is top notch and the waiters never missed a beat. Worth every dime you'd pay. These can all be found at any food stand, kiosk or Polish restaurant in Sopot, Poland. Price: $$$ (Photo credit for Wine Bar "Literacka" to original copyright holders)

What to See and Do


Oliwski Park

Oliwski Park is a 10 hectares city park with French-style gardens, lovely paths, a greenhouse with exotic plants, ponds, historical buildings and much more. You'll find Gdask Oliwa Archcathedral, modern art museum and the museum of ethography inside this impressive park. One can take in the scenery of the park on strategically placed benches; visit with friendly squirrels and/or take long leisurely strolls. It's a definite must see.


Amber Sky

One of the best vantage points to view Gdańsk from an aerial point is the Amber Sky. Embark on one of its observation wheels to see 180 to 360 degree views of Old Town in beautiful Gdańsk. Amber Sky mimics the London Eye in England and is a pretty pleasure ride that reveals spectacular views of the city. This ride is right next to the city's iconic Gdańsk Sky. Take a ride up there to get a completely different perspective of Gdańsk.  

Motława River

Motława River, sourced from Szpgawskie Lake, is a river in Eastern Pomerania in Poland. It flows through Gdańsk from the town of Starogard Gdaski. It also flows through Rokickie Lake to Martwa Wisa, a branch of the Vistula. The length of this river is approximately 42.25 miles or 68 km, with an area of 939.07 miles or 1511.3 km. The city of Gdańsk is situated at its mouth in the Martwa Wisa. The Motawa ferry, a service that has run since 1687 also crosses this river. You'd find tourist boats, cruisers and pirate ships amongst others on this splendid river.

Neptune's Fountain

One extremely popular stop on ones' visit to Gdańsk is the Neptune's Fountain, constructed in the early 17th century. It is one of the most recognizable symbols in Gdańsk. This historical fountain slash distinctive landmark, is a mannerist-rococo masterpiece in the city of Gdańsk. It is located in front of Artus Court (King Arthur's) entrance, at the Długi Targ (the Long Market). The fountain is topped by a bronze statue of the sea god - Neptune.

Gdansk Historical Museum

Gdańsk's Historical Museum is located at a very popular intersection between Długi Targ (Long Market) and Ulica Długa, in Gdańsk's Main City borough of ródmiecie. It is an architectural masterpiece and one of the finest examples of Gothic-Renaissance. The Main Town Hall in Gdańsk, houses the History Museum of the City of Gdańsk. You can see the city from its tower, as well as the beautiful artifacts housed inside the building.

National Maritime Museum

Next to Motława River is the National Maritime Museum of Gdańsk. This maritime museum was established on January 1st, 1962. It is dedicated to gathering, researching and preserving artifacts and documents related to international trade, ship transports, and fishing. It also details the culture of those working at sea, those ashore; as well as the dissemination of knowledge on the maritime history of Poland and its economy through time. Next to it is "Sodek". A ship-museum and branch of the National Maritime Museum. SS Sodek is a retired Polish coal and ore freighter and the first ship to be built in Szczecin after World War II. It was also the first sea-bound ship completed in Poland, as well as the first of 29 ships classed as Project B30, built between 1949 and 1954 in Stocznia Gdaska.

Long Market

The Long Market (Długi Targ) is a lovely long square that features restaurants, cafes, shops, souvenir stalls and more. It is a very busy spot in Gdańsk and happens to be the heartbeat of this very cosmopolitan city. It is also an important tourist attraction. It is located between the end of Long Lane (Ulica Długa, Langgasse) and Green Gate (Brama Zielona, Koggentor). It also features a number of historic houses such as Hewel House, Curicke House, Uphagen House, Ferber House, Lion Castle, Schumann House, Golden House to mention a few. One of its famous buildings is the Town Hall, right next to Neptune's Fountain, another main symbol of the city.

The Crane

The Crane is a medieval harbor treadwheel crane located in Gdańsk, Poland. It is one of the defining symbols of this lovely trading city and happens to be the largest in Medieval Europe. The original structure was erected in 1367, but was burned down in 1442. Reconstruction took place between the years of 1442 and 1444. It was used to transfer cargoes and used to put up masts on ships. At one time, it was the biggest working crane in the world. It also served as one of the gates to the city. It had a lifting capacity of 4 tonnes to a height of 11 meters and this was achieved by two huge wooden wheels at its heart each with a diameter of 6 meters. The wheels were originally powered by humans who had to walk inside of these cranes to turn the lifting mechanism. They remained in working condition until the mid 19th century before being 80% destroyed in 1945 in The Battle for Gdańsk.


Oliwa Cathedral

Gdańsk Oliwa Archcathedral is a stunning church in Gdańsk, Oliwa, Poland dedicated to The Holy Trinity, Blessed Virgin Mary, and St. Bernard. This stately arch-cathedral in Oliwa is a three-nave basilica with a transept and a multi-sided closed presbytery, complete with an ambulatory. The façade is flanked by two slender towers, 46-meters tall, each with sharply-edged helmets. The interiors are lovely and not overly stated, and you'll find many relics at this basilica. It's a great cathedral to stop and light a candle to those who have transitioned beyond or a place intermediary stop while exploring Oliwski Park. If time permits, defitintely make this one of your main stops. 


St. Mary's Church

Right in the heart of Gdańsk city center, you'll come across the colorful St. Mary's Church, previously known as the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This brick Gothic Catholic church is located on Podkramarska 5, 80-834 Gdask, Poland and is currently one of the largest brick churches in the world, with a capacity to sit 25,000 people. Between 1536 and 1572 St. Mary's Church was used for Catholic and Lutheran services simultaneously.

The Great Armoury

The Great Armoury is a renaissance building with art exhibits, erected between 1600-1605 in the western section of the medieval defensive walls of the Main Town in Gdańsk. It is an architectural splendor and a true sight to behold. Its exterior features fascinating details and decals; while inside, you'd find stalls that sell traditional polish items such as handicrafts and handmade accessories.

Green Gate

The Green Gate in Gdańsk, Poland, is another notable tourist attraction that draws in many visitors each year. It is situated between Long Market and the River Motława. It houses the National Museum in Gdask, alongside exhibitions, shows, events, meetings, and conferences. The Gdańsk office of former Polish President Lech Wasa is also located here. The Golden Gate, the Highland Gate, and the Green Gate comprises of the Royal Route. Regnier (or Reiner van Amsterdam), an Amsterdam architect, built this masterpiece.

City to See Nearby
(Hel, Poland aka "The Beginning Of Poland")


Hel, Poland

Hel is a lovely seaside resort town in Puck County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, in Poland. It is located right at the edge of Poland, on the tip of the Hel Peninsula; and is only an hour and 15 minutes by Ferry from the Tri-Cities. There are tons of atractions to see such as Hel Lighthouse, Fisheries Museum, Museum of Coastal Defense, Neptune Monument, etc. One can explore the boardwalks, fishing boats, and many more tourist attractions. In Danish chronicles - 1219, it was mentioned that a damaged ship of King Valdemar II, the Victorious, was set ashore on this Island of Hel. It is now famous for being the best vacation spot in Poland. Explore this tiny resort town on a day's trip. Welcome to Hel.


Ulica Wiejska

Ulica Wiejska located on Wiejska 42/46, Hel, Poland is a pedestrian and automobile street slash area in Hel. There are restaurants, cafes, shops, and many more interesting sites to see as you stroll around this magnificent resort town.

Fisheries Museum

Fisheries Museum is a branch of the National Maritime Museum located on Bulwar Nadmorski 2, 84-150 Hel, Poland. This centuries-old former church, features exhibitions on the area's fishing history. There all manner of exhibits related to the sea.

Neptune Monument

Neptune Monument right in front of the Fisheries Museum is a monument dedicated to the King of the Sea. This statue located in Hel is an iconic figure and it usually the first statue a visitor to Hel encounters on arrival to this dynamic and relaxing resort city. Many tourists stop by this statue for a prompt photo-op. 

Hel Marina

Hel's marina isn't like every typical marina. There are no yachts, just a ton of fishing boats, as well as old exploration boats littered along the sea. It's busy, in an unassuming way, seemingly active with tourists, and quite surreal to behold. For solo travelers, there's an eerie sense of contemplative silence. Be that as it may, there's still something profoundly beautiful about this resort city's marina. From the marina, one can venture well into Hel, access its beach, and continue for miles on a boardwalk to Hel's extremeties. This lovely resort city must not be missed on one's trip to Poland or the Tri-City.


My Favorite Moments & Quotes

Gdańsk is one of the most interesting and stunning city layouts I've encountered. She leaves you feeling like Christmas at the end of your visit.

- Lynda 'Kechy

I am thankful for heavens that in all my instincts I stood Polish.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

One Pole is a charmer; two Poles a brawl; three Poles well, this is the Polish Question.

- Voltaire

Going to Hell has never been part of my plans, but visiting Hel in Poland was such a brilliant idea. Hel was profoundly beautiful in a quiet and unassuming way. This lovely seaside resort town should not be missed on ones' visit to Poland.

- Lynda 'Kechy

This homage has been rendered not to me - for the Polish soil is fertile and does not lack better writers than me - but to the Polish achievement, the Polish genius.

- Henryk Sienkiewicz

There are many reasons why you should visit Poland, but a few of the important ones are that the country is cheaper compared to its neighbours, and it is safe if you are traveling solo.

- Anonymous

I can't imagine life without Poland. I find it very hard to find a place for myself in the West.

- Krzysztof Kieslowski

They say Poland is the Mexico of Europe. I don't know what that means, but I like it. 

- Chris Pontius

You are in a country that comes and goes, where the people have been mistreated but rarely oppose. Borders have changed by rulers from afar, although sometimes closer than neighbourhoods are. Their religion is sacred and the heavens smile down, but the history they keep will lead you to frown.

- Sean F. Hogan, Painting Angels

It has been said that Poland is dead, exhausted, enslaved, but here is the proof of her life and triumph. 

- Henryk Sienkiewicz


1. Every visitor to Poland must have a valid passport to enter. U.S. citizens can enter visa-free for tourism or business stays of up to 90 days. There is a six months passport validity requirement for U.S. citizens entering Poland like most countries.

2. The European Union is facilitating travel within Europe with the EU Digital COVID Certificate, a digital pass for EU and U.S. residents who have been vaccinated for COVID-19, tested negative for the virus, or have recovered from it will be needed upon entry to or exit from Poland. To visit other European countries with stringent COVID-19 requirements, go through Poland as I did (Poland is considered a Safe Zone). One can enter countries such as the Netherlands through Poland without being checked, unvaccinated, or with a negative test result.

3. Before arrival to Poland, one must have a record locator. Go on to the Polish website klp.gov.pl to fill out the 'passenger locator form' with all the pertinent details needed prior to your departure date. You will need your name, date of birth, flight information, hotel or accomodation details, as well as your arrival date. One would not be allowed to board their flight without producing a copy of your record locator form which houses a verification code. 

4. An excellent resource is the U.S. State Departments detailed website travel.state.gov or copy and paste this link for country specific COVID-19 requirements.
https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/requirements-for-air-travelers-to-the-us.html or https://www.afar.com/magazine/when-will-we-be-able-to-travel-to-europe

5. Fully vaccinated travelers (meaning it has been at least 14 days since their second dose if two doses were required) entering Poland, including those from the U.S., are exempt from an otherwise mandatory 10-day quarantine. Visit www.gov.pl or copy and paste https://www.gov.pl/web/coronavirus/travel on your url browser for full details on requirements before embarking on your trip to Poland.

6. The easiest way to get to Hel, is by ferry. Hel is a beautiful resort town that must not be missed. Wear comfortable shoes so you can thoroughly explore this city that keeps on unfolding beautiful surprises. It takes hours to explore, but be mindful not to miss your Ferry back to your Tri-City if you aren't spending the night. There are Ferry's to and fro the neighboring towns or tri-cities.

7. When visiting Poland or other countries, remember to have credit cards with no foreign transaction fees in your possession such as American Express or a credit card that garners points; particularly, if you are a points junkie like me. Saving on all those fees goes a very long way. Credit cards are accepted everywhere, such as hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. When visiting open air markets or private shops, be sure to have plenty of cash.

8. Download maps.me and rome2rio.com to offer directions in and around the city with or without WIFI connection.

9. Get a SIM card for international calls to stay connected with family and friends abroad when free WIFI isn't available.

10. The currency of choice in Poland is the Polish Zloty (PLN). Always remember to withdraw a country's currency at the ATM machine located INSIDE the airport upon arrival or at the baggage claim area. This will help eliminate any fraudlent attempts or prevent you from utilizing an ATM machine that has been compromised. Also, you'll get better exchange rates from your bank, a much lower bank fee in exchange, and you'll save some money while eliminating Bureau de change fees, commisions and/or questionable exchange rates.

11. Always have a copy of your passport on you. It's imperative to have this on hand for any unforeseen circumstances, especially when changing your countries currency to Euros.

12. Try to take advantage of any cities or countries near the country you are visiting. For instance, consider taking the ferry to Hel which is roughly 2.5 hours from Gdańsk by Ferry. Gdynia and Sopot are only 20 minutes away from the resort town of Gdańsk, so these should definitely be added on to your itinerary. They can be explored by day for a few hours. Krakow, Auschwitz and Warsaw are train rides away - roughly 3.5 hours away. Take advantage of this. Some of these cities or countries nearby can be crossed off your life or bucket list on one trip. This translates to savings. Carpe diem (always seize the moment).

13. Depending on when you are visiting, you'd need an umbrella, sunblock, sunglasses, sweater, a jacket, the usuals. So bring these items with you depending on the season and time of year you'd be visiting Poland. Try to  ignore the inconvenience of having them in your luggage. In Europe, you just never know. Chances are you may and/or definitely need them. 

14. As always while visiting other countries or cities, wear comfortable shoes, choose appropriate clothing for the climate, weather and/or region. Be mindful, be modest, be aware, be alert, and be kind. Always try to adapt to each countries ideals and requirements in-lieu of imposing your own.


Poland was amazing in many ways, even though its inhabitants were quite unfriendly or borderline cold. Yet, there was no denying the beauty of the Tri-City. They were quite fascinating. There are tremendous amounts of things to do, sites to see and restaurants to dine in Gdańsk. Contrary to popular beliefs, Hel has much more to offer than the Baltic Sea. In the narrowest places, the width of Hel Peninsula is as minuscule as 200 meters. That's the distance between the Baltic Sea to the north, and the bay to the south. In the bay, the water is warmer with no waves making it the idle climate or location for indulging in water sports. Being in these cities reminded me of a feeling of Christmas and solitude respectively. The food was phenomenal, the atmosphere right, the weather was co-operative and life was starting to have meaning again. Traveling does that for me. I cannot take away the beauty Poland possesses amidst its miry ashes. Visiting Poland was always what my soul needed to recover from the most challenging year of my life.